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Dean, Checkmate has been my primary trading system since January 2002. I have designed and purchased many systems over the past 10 years, but none have proven to be as robust as Checkmate. Most of the systems I have traded or researched turned out to be over-optimized methods that lose money in real time trading. The primary factors that drew me towards Checkmate were the low draw downs relative to returns and the non-optimized parameters. Prior to trading Checkmate in real-time, I did a very thorough analysis of the system with my own data. The system proved to be very stable even when the parameters were varied. Checkmate also held up very well in a Monte Carlo simulation. All of my testing results were closely correlated with your published back testing data. Thanks for designing a great system that is non-optimized, easy to trade, and has a low draw down.
Don H.
I have been trading with Checkmate for just under 1 year and have a broker who automatically executes my trades. I am really pleased with the results, both overall, and along the way. Although I am new to trading with money in the market, I did work seriously on the subject for about 10 years at one time. In that time period, I didn’t come up with a system that I was willing to trade. I find Checkmate to have the best market entries I have seen and couldn’t be happier with that. On exits, I have called my broker on several occasions about getting out and find Checkmate either has just gotten me out or has a stop that will be hit at any moment. Because of this, I am developing confidence that I can be at work or go out of town while in the market and not fret about what is happening all of the time. I find Checkmate to be an excellent way to diversify my portfolio in this time when the stock market hasn’t treated me very well. Thanks for making this tool available, Dean.
Bob R.
Mesa, az
Dear Dean, I just realized that the two-year anniversary of my starting to trade ‘Checkmate” has just passed and I wanted to thank you once again for all the help and support you have given me during this time. I am, obviously, delighted with the way that the system has performed exceeding my expectations in every regard. I find that the system has very reasonable draw-downs and normally exits a position without giving back too much of the open-trade profit. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.”
Dr. R.
boca raton, fl
Dear Dean, I am very pleased with the performance of my investment using the Relativity system since I started with it about six months ago. It is not just the return, which has exceeded my expectations this year, but also the attention to risk and money management that separates Relativity from the pack of other trading systems available today. It definitely looks like we are going to have a long term relationship in futures trading.
Hi Dean: Buying a trading system is very much like buying a luxury automobile. You can read and reread the brochure, talk to the salesman, etc. but until you get in the car and test drive it for yourself, nothing else really matters. Relativity is much like a luxury automobile. It is a sophisticated methodology and has a lot of moving parts that actually work together. I took it apart, piece by piece and all of the components make perfect sense. Just the “scrubber” aspect of the program is worth the cost of the system. This feature eliminates the overly risky trades and certainly greatly reduces the volatility of the equity curve. In addition to my appreciation for all of the effort and research that went in to the design, more importantly, I am totally pleased with the actual results in real-time.
palm coast, fl
“I’ve been trading for over 15 years and following Dean’s work for the past 3. Relativity is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made in my trading career. I appreciate the efficiency of Relativity and its conservative approach to only pick the trades with the highest probability. Combined with the professionalism of Dean & his chosen broker I feel they are in a class by themselves. That is what you should expect, but yet is so hard to find. I challenge anyone to find a better value in the industry.”
New york, ny
My partner and I evaluated many systems before selecting Relativity and firmly believe we’ve made an excellent decision. Of the many systems we tested and developed, Relativity has the best risk-reward ratio and overall historical performance results. My partner and I are live-trading Relativity and are very pleased with the results so far. Another good decision we’ve made is to work with Dean’s chosen broker to automatically execute the trades for us. Both you and your recommended broker have provided good customer service and support and have made our trading experience enjoyable and successful. Keep up the great work Dean.
JD and JP
detroit, mi
Hi Dean: I’m writing to say that I’m very pleased with Relativity. Sure, the results have been great, but more than that I’ve been very impressed by both yourself and the guys at your recommended broker. The combined commitment to systems trading and service shows in all the aspects of what you do. There’s too many of the wrong kind of gurus in your business (and, trust me, I know because I’ve given my money to them). It’s good to be surprised by professionalism and results. Thanks again.
I Parker
I have traded Relativity, a systematic diversified trend following commodity trading system, developed by Dean Hoffman, since December 2008. Like most trend following trading systems in commodities, Relativity is basically a hedge against the high volatility in the equity/financial markets. Since December 2008, the volatility in the equity/financial markets has been uncharacteristically low punctuated by a few periods of high volatility. Despite this general lack of volatility, Relativity has managed to perform exceptionally well by posting reasonable returns. It is my opinion that one of the keys to success of Relativity over the past eight years lies in its ability to “play defense” in non-trending sideway markets which is characteristic of a low volatility environment. Thus, the drawdowns of Relativity are manageable which reduce the chances that your account will run out of capital. Another advantage of Relativity is that it monitors a diversified and large portfolio of tradable markets looking for potential trends around the globe. For it to perform as well as it has over the past eight years in a mostly unfavorable low volatility environment is an indication that the system is robust and that it is not optimized or curve fitted. Thus, Relativity has stood the test of time for me. The Relativity trading system is an excellent tool to diversify ones portfolio as it has a very low correlation to the equity/bond markets. Relativity is a great way to achieve alpha, while at the same time, reducing the risk of your overall portfolio. I would recommend the Relativity trading system to anyone who wants to diversify their portfolio while at the same time looking to achieve reasonable returns with manageable risk.
Steve S.
Pittsburg, pa

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