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I'm a Commodity Trading Advisor CTA based in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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Mechanica Back-Testing Software
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For more than twenty years my primary back testing, statistical analysis and trading system research tool was Mechanica (Formerly Trading Recipes).

Mechanica was first recommended to me in 1995 by Dr. Van K Tharp, one of the famed traders in Jack Schwager’s world-renowned book “Market Wizards.” Market Wizards is a highly recommended book that contains interviews with a list of the best traders this world has ever known.

At the time, Dr. Tharp correctly recognized that Mechanica was the best software platform on the market that allowed one to research, study and build trading systems with money management and position sizing at their foundation.

Before this, the most popular platform was Trade Station which is a platform far more suited to developing trading systems on a one market basis with rules curve fitting (or optimization) at the foundation of their design.

Over years of experience, it becomes clear to a systems trader that curve fitting rules (sometimes called optimizing) in a given market are not the greatest strategy. Markets change their colors and what worked yesterday often does not work today.

Far more concrete for the system to get designed with a portfolio of minimally correlated assets and position sizing and money management as their underlying foundational strength.

Periodically, R Quant works with traders who want more than trading systems. These are people who want to dig into the heart of the building and to understand the trading system development process. Often, they move on and develop proprietary trading systems.

For these clients, we decided to become a seller of the Mechanica software platform and can offer services beyond our trading systems.

We can offer our knowledge as trading system consultants and mentors to blossoming (or established) trading system designers.

If you are interested, it not only having good trading systems but in becoming an expert trading system developer or money manager of your own, consider working together and with Mechanica on your trading system(s) projects.

We offer expert programming, mentoring and consulting in all respects of helping you to set up your commodity trading business. Whether for your trading, or the eventual goal of managing money for others.